Plastic Shredder

Shredding and grinding solutions for plastics

When you need to shred plastic, be sure to choose the right shredding equipment manufactured by a company with years of application experience in plastic shredding solutions. Jordan Reduction Solutions is the industry leading OEM manufacturer of dual shaft shredders for plastics, PVC, PET, vinyl and other polymer based products.

In addition to rugged, Made-In-USA industrial shredders, customers get full access to our application engineers for calculations, process design and sample testing in our fully equipped test lab. We also manufacture plastic grinder and plastic granulator systems that can be used in conjunction with these plastic shredders to achieve various particle sizes and reduction levels.

Each system is controlled by a programmable PLC system to manage product flow and perform system monitoring. These machines are designed for easy field maintenance and are supported with factory OEM replacement parts and maintenance manuals.

Plastic Shredders

These shredder systems are designed for use on a variety of plastic materials from manufacturing processes such as:
  • Plastic extrusions, films and sheets, injection molded parts, rubber hoses
  • If the parts being manufactured are out of tolerance, the items can be shredded, ground and used in the process again
  • Product destruction is required in many cases when the rejected items must be destroyed before disposal
  • Size reduction is often required in order to prepare the materials for mixing or initial heating in the extrusions or forming process

Visit Plastic Shredder Systems for more technical information on plastic shredding systems offered by Jordan Reduction Solutiosns.

plastic shredder model view

Industrial shredder models

MS-1714 - 10 HP, Cutting chamber: 17" x 14"

MS-2817 - 25 HP, Cutting chamber: 28" x 17"

MS-4220 - 50 HP, Cutting chamber: 42" x 20"

MS-4526 - 75 HP, Cutting chamber: 45" x 26"
MS-5028 - 150 HP, Cutting chamber: 50" x 28"

MS-5040 - 200 HP, Cutting chamber: 50" x 40"

MS-6040 - 400 HP, Cutting chamber: 60" x 40"

Assembly View of Dual Shaft Shredders

Each plastic shredder system includes one of our heavy duty twin shaft shredders mounted on a sturdy structural base. Other accessories include infeed hopper and a custom knife group specifically chosen for each application. Custom options are available for the infeed and exit conveyors, qualifying screens, dust collectors, etc. The diagram below shows the shredder mounted on its steel base frame, the electric motor, gear reducer, and inlet hopper. The legs and mounting base are built to customer specifications to integrate with other system components.
plastic shredder assembly view